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About The Project

This project was a task from the “buildings and construction subject” aiming to clarify with a closer approach to construction details. We were asked to develop a house of 7m x3.5m for a very warm region in Portugal (Alentejo) as a weekend bungalow.


The project was developed, due to its dimensions and the weather where it was located, as an open space, being the main division of the house its bathroom and the disposition of furniture.

The house has one of its facades completely covered by retractable glass and so emphasizing the open space and the connection to the outside / nature.

The kitchen, a small breakfast-nook, bathroom and bedroom are located in the interior of the house and the living spaces were set on the balcony.

Universidade de Lisboa

Subject: Buldings and Contruction

Year: 2

Semester: 1

Coordinator: Prof. Hugo Venade