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Personal Information

Name: Bruno Bellacosa

Date of birth: August 18th, 1981

Place of Birth: São Paulo – Brazil

Nationality: German/Brasilian


09/2014 – 09/2017      Licensed Integrated Masters in Architecture – Lisbon University, Lisbon.

02/2002 – 02/2008     Bachelor´s Degree in Social Communication emphasis in Publicity, Advertising and Marketing – Vale do Itajaí University, Brazil.

Professional Experience

07/2020 – 12/2020        Consulting Architect  for MNT private client, Germany.

Support and Consolidation of floor plans, access and layouts. Facade, Landscape and interior design. Development of renders. Software: AutoCad, Scketchup, Lumion and Photoshop.

12/2017 – 09/2019        Architect and Assistant Project Manager at Project Immobilien Gruppe, Germany.

Experience in development of plans, sections and elevations in accordance with current regulations, technical and static specifications, creation of building form permits and construction and technical details (Leistungsphasen 2-5 – Germany´s construction references). Software: ArchiCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, AutoCAD and Lumion.


GSS Project – design planning, development of plans, sections and elevations for the approval phase of the town hall. Munich.

DAS Project – development of the project design catalog and production of renderings. Munich.

BKA Project – design/ planning, development of plans, sections and elevations, as well as preparation of the necessary documentation forms to the approval phase of the city council. Dusseldorf.

OES Project – design planning, development of plans, sections and elevations for the approval phase of the town hall. Nurnberg.

ABT Project – support on floorplan design and elevation design planning and development. Berlin

GOS Project – development of construction and technical details, and verification of technical and static specifications. Hamburg

 Licensed Architect – 09/2017

09/2014 – 01/2017       Assistant Manager Front Office, Guest relations and Concierge at Internacional Design Hotel – Small luxury hotels of the world and Hotel Roma. Lisbon – Portugal.

08/2013 – 08/2014      Entrepreneur, print and web developer. Publicity, Marketing and Professional trainings at CETE – Comunicação Estratégica, Treinamentos e Eventos. Florianópolis – Brazil.

01/2013 – 08/2013      Logistic Manager at IC Import Consultants. Munich – Germany.

05/2011 – 12/2012      Sales and Promotion, Shop layout design and merchandise exposition at Eurotrade Flughafen Muenchen Handels. Munich – Germany.

10/2010 – 05/2011      Hosts, Event Organization for WPR Personal Leasing. Munich – Germany.

12/2009 – 10/2010      Sales and Customer Service, Shop layout design and merchandise exposition – Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy – Starboard Cruises. Worldwide.

11/2007 – 11/2009      Manager at WIZARD by Pearson. Itajaí –  Brazil.

Management and development of strategies to improve customer service, new clients approach, employees’ training, events organization, marketing and communications.

10/2006 – 10/2007      Host, Event organization at Ibero Jet Cruceros Cruise Company. Worldwide.

07/2005 – 10/2006      Director’s Assistant at NAVSHIP Shipyard. Itajaí – Brazil.

Purchase, Storage and Control / Warehouse, import and export, sales.

06/2002 – 07/2005      Manager – OUT Corporation. Itajaí – Brazil.

Management and development of strategies to improve customer service, new clients approach, employees’ training, event organization, marketing and communication.

Personal Skills and Competences

Languages: (in a scale of : Native, Fluent, Advanced, Intermediate, Basic)

Portuguese (native)

English (Fluent)

Spanish (Fluent)

German (Advanced)


Computer science: BIM – ArchiCad and Revit, CE3X, Presto, MS Office, Photo Shop, AutoCad, Sketch up and Lumion.

Personal Skills

Independent, self-directed and goal-oriented with an excellent ability of self-planning and multi-tasking learnt on the management positions above mentioned;

Multicultural experience and so, a high level of intercultural abilities;

High performance and commitment to job development;

Strong analytical mind, high level of absorption and abstraction;

Very good leadership skills, teamwork, communication and teaching ability. Build up through the participation in the industry;

Excellent ability of self-motivation, discipline and enthusiasm a lot practiced and enhanced at Insight Seminars Course.


2020              Presto, 50 hours course – Centro de Formación  en Edificación – Spain.

2019               Building Evaluation – Centro de Formación  en Edificación – Spain.

2019               CE3X, 50 hours course – Centro de Formación  en Edificación – Spain.

2018               ArchiCAD. Corporate Training – Germany

2017                REVIT 35 hours course – Arqcoop / Autodesk – Portugal

2014                AutoCad, Sketch Up modeling – Lisbon University – Portugal

2013                Logistics Managing Course – IC Import Consultants – Germany

2011                Sales Techniques and Approach – Eurotrade – Germany

2010                German Course  – ASL Sprachen Schule – Germany

2009                Sales Techniques and Approach – Louis Vuitton M. H. – USA

2005                Photo Shop, Corel Draw – UNIVALI University – Brazil

2004                MS Office – UNIVALI University – Brazil

2003                Efficiency in public speech – UNIVALI University – Brazil

2001                Insight Seminars I – Brazil

  • Better clarity in the approach of goals and intentions;
  • Bigger responsibility and ability to answer to a problem;
  • Fluidity in the communications;
  • Enthusiasm and personal motivation;
  • Increase in the disposal for changes.

2001                Intensive English Course TOEFL – YMCA – Canada

2000               Upper intermediate English Course – ACE – Australia

Volunteer Work

Throughout the university period I did several volunteer works related to the city’s cultural events, helping unprivileged kids, Climate disasters and animal rights activist.


Nature, open air sports and activities, computer/Internet, reading, music, traveling.

Massage and Reiki Therapist. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress or attract negative things, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Real testimonials, from real people like you

I am certain that Bruno will do well in any professional or academic setting as he has demonstrated
intellectual quality, perseverance and determination during the time he was my student.
Based on the experience of working with him, I am sure that Bruno has the appropriate background in
architecture and excellent working skills, and I have no reservations in strongly recommending him.

Hugo Farias - Architect

He was successful at Navship in both the purchasing department, and also assisting with some areas of production. Both of these jobs required a high level of organization skill and a sense of team work. Bruno was not lacking in either. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking team member for your business, you could not do better than Bruno Bellacosa. If he were here in Brazil, I would find a place for him in my business.

Whit Carter - Director

The employee worked competently and correctly. His stance on the work environment has decent features and a motivating leader, besides being a punctual and responsive professional in his commitments. Throughout the period Mr. Bruno Bellacosa spent in this company, he maintained his personal conduct professional and irreproachable, and not only did his job properly, but overcame the company´s expectations related to the motivation of his team and the constant help in other departments when necessary.

Adriana Edral - Director