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My name is Bruno Bellacosa and I am a 41 year-old, Brazilian-raised German who has been living in Europe for the last few years. I am an advertiser and an architect, and I am currently based in Madrid, Spain.

I first graduated in Advertising and Marketing from a renowned university in Brazil, famous for its practical laboratories and infrastructure. I felt very involved and attracted by this creative environment. My journey in the industry was very valuable for my professional development; I have acquired skills in advertising, marketing, sales strategies, management, event planning, customer service, and a clear and lucid communication towards clients.

As architecture had always been another one of my passions in life, at the age of 32 years old and wishing for a new challenge, I decided to pursue this career path. Hence, I enrolled myself at Lisbon University and I graduated as Architect in September 2017. Besides the knowledge I have acquired at the Architecture Faculty, I took some extra courses in REVIT, Archicad, AutoCad, Photoshop, Lumion, Sketchup, Ce3x and Presto seeing the potential of these tools for the industry and I have been working as an Architect since December 2017.

As part of my personal skills and strengths, I would describe myself as a very focused, driven person. I am dynamic, creative, and enthusiastic, and I pay a lot of attention to details. I am both proactive and reactive, depending on the business needs, and I adjust perfectly to work individually or within a team.

Due to my multi-cultural background and work experience, I am also a very approachable person with a vast ability when it comes to understanding the needs of others and how to adapt myself to different situations and work environments. This has also made me a good communicator, both privately and in public.

I am a passionate person who loves what he does and who is not afraid of a challenge, so I will always confront new situations with an open-minded attitude and a smile on my face.

“I first graduated Advertiser but life tought me to follow my heart and dreams. I am so happy with my decisions. Architecture, I simply love it!”

Bruno Bellacosa