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A bit about me...

My name is Bruno Bellacosa and I am a 39 year-old, Brazilian-raised German who has been living in Europe for the last few years. I am an advertiser and an architect, and I am currently based in Madrid, Spain.

I first graduated in Advertising and Marketing from a renowned university in Brazil, famous for its practical laboratories and infrastructure. I felt very involved and attracted by this creative environment. My journey in the industry was very valuable for my professional development; I have acquired skills in advertising, marketing, sales strategies, management, event planning, customer service, and a clear and lucid communication towards clients.

As architecture had always been another one of my passions in life, at the age of 32 years old and wishing for a new challenge, I decided to pursue this career path. Hence, I enrolled myself at Lisbon University and I graduated as Architect in September 2017. Besides the knowledge I have acquired at the Architecture Faculty, I took some extra courses in REVIT, Archicad, AutoCad, Photoshop, Lumion, Sketchup, Ce3x and Presto seeing the potential of these tools for the industry and I have been working as an Architect since December 2017.

Real testimonials, from real people like you

I am certain that Bruno will do well in any professional or academic setting as he has demonstrated
intellectual quality, perseverance and determination during the time he was my student.
Based on the experience of working with him, I am sure that Bruno has the appropriate background in
architecture and excellent working skills, and I have no reservations in strongly recommending him.

Hugo Farias - Architect

He was successful at Navship in both the purchasing department, and also assisting with some areas of production. Both of these jobs required a high level of organization skill and a sense of team work. Bruno was not lacking in either. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking team member for your business, you could not do better than Bruno Bellacosa. If he were here in Brazil, I would find a place for him in my business.

Whit Carter - Director

The employee worked competently and correctly. His stance on the work environment has decent features and a motivating leader, besides being a punctual and responsive professional in his commitments. Throughout the period Mr. Bruno Bellacosa spent in this company, he maintained his personal conduct professional and irreproachable, and not only did his job properly, but overcame the company┬┤s expectations related to the motivation of his team and the constant help in other departments when necessary.

Adriana Edral - Director