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About The Project

In the second semester of University, following the ideals of the Prof. Carrilho da Graça, aiming to have a closer look into what architecture is, we were asked to develop two projects along the semester.

In the second and most thorough project of the semester we had to develop a new building that would become a new facade for the University. In this project there were some mandatory dimensions to be followed and also some spaces to be develop in the new building/complex due to university needs such as: amphitheater, an exhibition area, professors offices, student studying area, a cafe, reception and parking.


Aiming to delimit the real need and motives of the creation of the project, some aspects were considered as the main focus for this development.

CONTINUITY – creating a facade for the University that had a relation to the pre-existing buildings.

MODERN – this new constructions should transmit a modern image.

TRADITION – this modern image should be combined with elements of tradition and solidity recalling the time that Lisbon Architecture University was considered the one of the best architecture Universities in Europe.

COMFORT – promote spaces with easy access and comfortable living experience.


After various sketches I realized that a continuous building for the facade of the University would meet the purpose of creating an image of solidity and stability and, also, allowing better mobility in view of the slope landscape.

The proposed building creates a new southern entrance with a large square for events meetings and exhibitions. From this square, students have access to the main plant of the campus by stairs or elevator. By the square level is also located the entrance of the park once it is subterraneous. The main and the north entrances were kept very similar to their actual use.

The accesses to the different spaces of the building are concentrated in the main plant of the college and therefore promoting a quick and comfortable access to the entire complex.

The two other aspects to be promoted in the project, at first sounded quite distant from each other, Tradition and Modernity; however the solution was a lot simpler.  The solution found was the development a building with a slight curve on the top slab enabling, with its height, two floors to hang from it.

In order to refer to the tradition of the University of Lisbon, I decided to maintain some of the visual characteristics of the existing faculty. Large pillars with a more neoclassical base supporting the top curved slab aim to transmit a tradition image and create a certain connection with the existing building structure from the campus.

Universidade de Lisboa

Subject: Project

Year: 1

Semester: 2

Coordinator: Prof. Architerct Carrilho da Graça